Bench Made is a full-service woodworking and cabinetry shop. Our extensive background in high-end home construction allows us to coordinate effectively with every stakeholder, from the homeowner, contractor/builder and interior designer to the plumber, electrician and other tradespeople.

We bring a homeowner and architect’s vision to life with a dedication and craftsmanship that is reflected in every piece we build. The same attention to detail goes into our collaborative process, letting us anticipate needs, eliminate potential complications, minimize time and labor costs, and ensure a seamless installation.

Jonathan Bruns

Jonathan Bruns is a founding partner of Bench Made. Jon got his start working for a small remodeling company doing ground-up renovations, from foundations through finished trim and painting. After a few years in the business, he decided to specialize in cabinet making and got a job at Sachi Woodworking. Eventually, he transitioned into the office producing CAD drawings and CNC programming. Jon and Joe opened Bench Made after Sachi closed in 2009 in order to continue serving the same market. Jon is the public face of Bench Made, coordinating all the design/build needs with contractors, architects, designers and homeowners to make sure everyone’s needs are met and carried through seamlessly—from design through installation. He also creates our detailed shop drawings and manages our crew of skilled craftspeople.

Outside of work, Jon is an avid rock climber and Board Member of the Red River Gorge Climbers’ Coalition. He continually seeks new climbing challenges around the country and loves to travel the world with his wife, Emily.

Joe Zimmer

Originally from New Jersey, Joe Zimmer is a founding partner of Bench Made. After owning a business in the food service industry for years, Joe and his family moved back to Northern Kentucky to be closer to relatives—and to turn his love of woodworking into a career as a cabinet maker. Joe teamed up with Jon in 2009 to start Bench Made, joining his years of business experience with his passion for woodworking. At Bench Made, Joe focuses on the numbers. From quoting to payroll to ordering materials, Joe makes sure budgets are met and materials are delivered so that the shop can continue to produce exquisite custom work.

Now that their kids are all grown, Joe and his wife, Lisa, enjoy traveling in their free time. Most evenings, he can be found hiking in the woods around his house.